Track Descriptions

Soldiers & Music: Sloedam & Scotland the Brave (2:27)
Regimental March: Highland Laddie (1:35)
Cutting Bracken Medley: Cutting Bracken/Mannix Stag/Findlay MacRae/The Foiler/Sleepy Maggie/Dmitri's Suspicion About the Cows in the Trees/The Red Fox (5:20)
Pipe Solo: Private Cameron Drummond Duncan Johnstone/The Rainbow/Fiddlers Rally (4:42)
  The Gael (3:16)
  Callum Rife's Fanfare/Onaping Centennial Pipe Band (2:22)
Historical Broadcast The 10th Battalion Story (0:50)
  Ode to Joy (2:10)
Drum Salute Welcome to Borden (4:08)
Jig Set Hammer on the Anvil/Queen of the Rushes/The Mallaig Ferry (3:51)
Regimental Slow March, 4/4 Marches The Sloedam/Scotland the Brave/Rowan Tree (2:46)
Historical Broadcast Mayor Andrew Davison's Welcome Home speech to the 1st Battalion in November 1945 (1:20)
6/8 March All the Blue Bonnets Are Over the Border (1:33)
Pipe Solo: Pipe Corporal Brandon Summers Banff to Victoria/Bronnies Blue Brozzie/Upside Down at Eden Court/Double F Dilemma (4:49)
Windy City Medley Windy City/The Braes of Mar/On Evil Strathspey/Glen's Chapeau/On Evil Reel/Daynah's Song/Fox Hunter/Skye Rovers (5:37)
Hymn Highland Cathedral (4:16)
3/4 Retreat Marches The Green Hills of Tyrol/When the Battle's O'er (2:18)
  The Haughs of Cromdale (4:21)
Traditional Song Glenwhorple (4:44)
2/4 March (Return to Barracks) Scotch on the Rocks/The Black Bear (1:50)