Goals and Objectives

  1. Establish and maintain a solid and respected Regimental presence in the community by:
    • high quality performances at requested military and civilian functions
    • competing in local highland games and building our professional image
    • performing in parades in Calgary and surrounding communities
  2. Maintain the pride and respect the soldiers of the Regiment have in their Pipes and Drums by:
    • attending all requested Regimental parades
    • performing for members of the Regiment at celebratory functions
    • maintaining high standards of dress, deportment and performance as set out by the Regiment
  3. Create and maintain a supportive infrastructure to ensure high quality performances by:
    • working co-operatively with Regimental Chain of Command
    • working co-operatively with the Calgary Highlanders Regimental Funds Foundation
    • relying on the support of Canadian Forces School of Music
    • using effectively, keeping in good condition, and developing sound replacement strategies for our instruments and uniforms
    • developing a feeder system of young musicians
    • attracting and supporting good leadership with the Pipes and Drums
  4. Ensure our sustainability by continuously attracting new musicians to act as members of Pipes and Drums by:
    • providing training to military standards in performance, dress and deportment
    • offering an opportunity to build character in an organization with history and promise
    • providing sound leadership and pride in accomplishment
    • providing the opportunities and challenges to perform for larger audiences at world-class venues